Article Writing – Blogging for Dollars – Part 3 – Politics Niche

There is a real interest in politics now. A lot of people aren’t very happy with whats happening in Washington,D.C. these days. The Tea Party is a good example of that. Look how many people are joining that cause. Believe it or not one person can make a big difference in the way that new laws are passed.

Maybe you don’t like the current gun laws. Especially in light of what just happen recently in Arizona, when a congresswoman was shot. This is just unbelievable and something needs to be done and soon. Or maybe you have another issue that you don’t like such as Education and our Schools. What ever it is that is bothering you now you have a chance to use the blog as a platform for you to discuss the issues.

A blog is nothing more than a soap-box that you can use to express your point of view. People want to discuss the issues and they will follow your articles on your blog. This a free forum and you don’t have to worry about paying money for advertising to bring in traffic to your blog.

One of the issues that really bothers me is Health Insurance. I think that the United Sates made a big mistake allowing the Home Mortgage as a tax deduction. The people in Canada do not have a mortgage deduction on their taxes and that doesn’t stop them from buying a home. This is the dream no matter where you live.. That is why the people of Canada can afford to buy good health insurance because the government is able to subsidize the cost. Ir really sickens me when I see so many Americans who can’t afford Health Insurance for their families.

So my advice to you is if you want to change things then start blogging. Then as soon as you build up your readership, then you can submit your blog to Google Adsense. Then you can start receiving a monthly check. Why? Because they need blogs that have good traffic going to them. Then they will start putting other website owners ads on your site and will gladly pay you for it.

Here is a blog that you can use as follows:


According to several sources here is the number 3 top ten most popular searches that people are making for information as follows:


So as you see if you use this formula to pick a subject to write about on your blog you will be successful.

If you want more information or you have any questions about this article you can contact me down below.

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Medical Insurance Blog – A Definitive Review

The average price of medical insurance is complicated to measure precisely. The mean price in ’08 of insurance coverage from a business was approximately $4,700 per year for someone, and approximately $17,700 per year for a family of 4.

It’s normally decided that insurance cover bought by the customer without either administration help or via an employer’s collection health plan will cost significantly more. Folks in California who use COBRA will devote $380 per month on monthly premiums, though this can be offset somewhat via subsidization.

According to the US survey federal government department 84% of US populace have well being care, and just 9% obtain it in confidence. The others are receiving cover via a business provided plan, or from side to side some form of subsidize administration program. The outstanding 16% of the land is uninsured. That gives you an idea of how much health insurance actually costs.

If it’s unspoken that, for the typical individual, an independent single indemnity program will cost greater than the $4,700 conventional for employer-provided health care, then it could be comprehended that independently obtained programs are most likely to cost as much and even more with the charge increasing as age or other medical problems are considered. When you’re examining health plans it is possible to use the base line of the mean expenses of programs supplied by employers as a starting place.

Comprehending the tenuous circumstance of today’s medical care system, it is very difficult to estimate what insurance coverage will cost over any given period of time. Every day a lot of people try to find out what the very best option is but there are actually so many options, and so many aspects to consider that it has become very hard for anyone to estimate how much an insurance will cost.

In accordance to a reliable medical insurance blog, the best solution would be to get health care from an employer if possible, government-sponsored health care whenever you become qualified, cheap COBRA like programs as makeshift in the event you can’t afford other insurance coverage, and tap facilities at clinics and hospitals in the event you do not find ways to satisfy your medical care needs otherwise.

This suggestion is nevertheless not the most relying thing. It is, on the other hand, realistic: the present state of the wealth, the fluid state of the lawful concern of how the American Health Care system is going to be planned, and ever gro

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