How to Make Money As a Medical Student Using a Blog

practitioners, health and wellness centers, and other medical related businesses are looking for medical bloggers. It’s one of the hottest areas within the blogging world. People are hungry for information on fitness and nutrition, cancer and other illnesses, and anything that’s medical related. They need information that’s to the point and not filled with medical lingo. On the flip side, hospitals and other medical facilities are looking for medical writers that understand the terminology to write lengthy articles and reports to use internally and within the medical field.

Medical students you’re in demand because of your expertise and hands-on experience. However, don’t sell yourself short and except assignments that are $10 or less. You can make a minimum of $.30 per word and as much as $2.00 per word. Use your knowledge and make a living from your medical blog and blogging.

How to Make Money As a Medical Student Using a Blog

Start your own blog. You can start your own blog using a blogging platform such as WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, or some other system. If you’re web savvy or know someone that is, you can always have a website built for you and incorporate a blog on it. However, it may be easier to take advantage of the many blogging platforms on the market.

Create a blog that’s easy to navigate and user friendly. Select a pleasing color scheme and ‘niche’ that will attract readers. Learn SEO and incorporate keywords and phrases that will increase web traffic to your site. Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool to research and find your keywords.

Sign up with affiliates. There are many affiliate programs out there. The most popular are CJ, Google Performics, Clickbank, and Linkshare. You can sign up for free and select affiliates that match your ‘niche’ or specialty. You may want to sign up with affiliates that are specifically for the medical industry. Remember to find ones that match your niche market.

Peruse job sites. You’re probably familiar with Craigslist but there are other job sites for freelance writers. Check out ‘Freelance Writing and Freelance’ because you’ll find listing for medical bloggers. The website “Writers Write’ has a section for medical writers. Also, look at websites that are specifically for the medical industry.

Hospitals and other medical facilities. Inquire at your local hospitals and other medical facilities to see if they need medical writers. You may want to try assisted living and nursing homes as well. Try health and wellness centers because they’ll look for medical writers to write on specific topics such as metabolism, heart rates, and other ‘wellness’ topics.

Become a member of the AMWA. The American Medical Writers Association

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